iDeal ✓ Multi Thread Working Structure
✓ Integrated Portfolio Module
✓ Advanced System Tester and Indicator Builder
✓ Creating Your Own Index
✓ Cellular Formula Window
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✓ Hundreds of Ready Templates
✓ Capturing Arbitrage between Spot Stock & Futures or 2 Futures contracts
✓ One-button optimization and voucher scanning
✓ Auto Trade that makes BUY / SELL with automatic price target tracking
✓ Without writing a single line of code !!!
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Investor Solutions ✓ Detailed Market Analysis & Advanced Technical Analysis
✓ Data from Many Exchanges and Markets
✓ Content on the web, mobile or desktop
✓ Multi-Channel e-Commerce
✓ Customizable Solutions
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İdeal Web ✓ Follow BIST Market Data
✓ Customizable interface
✓ Easy and fast access from all devices
✓ Graph Analysis, Trends and Indicators
✓ Depth, News, Economic Calendar and More
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✓ Instant and in-depth data from BIST and world markets
✓ Price Alerts, BUY / SELL on Graphics
✓ Trading / Trading integrated with most of the
Brokerage Houses ✓ Economic Calendar, Instant News
✓ Instant and End of Day Brokerage House Distributions
✓ Swap and Tier Analysis
✓ Graphing Trend, Drawing Horizontal and Fibonacci Levels
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About Us

Financial Technologies Inc. was established as a data distribution company that offers its company structure, which has been renewed and created with 100% domestic capital, to users with more than 25 years of industry experience.

Among the service areas of the company are to present data in domestic and foreign markets, domestic and international news and analysis to users, to provide software support to users who perform algorithmic transactions, to develop “White Label” products for intermediary institutions and banks, and to create license package content for corporate users.

We develop products and services for iDeal Data users on desktop, mobile, tablet, web and server platforms. With our regularly updated terminal, we aim to continue to be a user-friendly platform by responding to the demands of our customers.

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Through iDealData EStore, you can download iDeal programs, subscribe and make the right investment decision for you.

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iDeal Data Products

iDeal Data is a wide range of products suitable for investors of all levels, including real-time price dissemination, secure e-commerce, financial data presentation and analysis tools. Whether you are a very sophisticated investor or a new investor, Ideal Data has customized products to suit your investment needs.
  • iDeal

    iDeal impresses with its new generation data terminal

  • iDeal Web

    iDeal Data Web The most powerful web-based market information tool

  • iDeal Mobile/Tablet

    The stock market is always at your fingertips. From Web, Mobile, Tablet

  • ideAlgo

    Revolutionary product in the Algorithmic Trading world

  • Corporate Solutions and Data Feed

    Fast and effective solutions in the corporate world

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